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Shravan Kumaran, 16 year old boy studying 12th grade his brother Sanjay Kumaran, 15 year old boy studying 10th grade, in HUS Chennai, India, have been identified as youngest Mobile Application Programmers in India and one of the youngest in the World.

We have developed 7 applications that are available in Apple’s App Store. We also have created 3 apps for Google’s Android Play store. Recently We launched their first app in the New Windows Mobile store as well.

Our Top Apps

Catch me cop

You are a con who escaped from prison and there is a nation wide hunt.

Alphabets Board

Alphabets Board is an app to teach kids Alphabets fast and easily.

Prayer planet

Prayer planet is an app to pray god easily and quickly on your mobile device.


CarRacingHD ,Emegencybooth ,EI5 and ColourPallete.

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Sanjay kumaran

I am Sanjay Kumaran.I am the Co-founder and the CEO of GoDimensions.I study in 9th grade in HUS,Chennai.I like to play Football as the goalkeeper.I love playing FIFA on Xbox one. I believe that great UI is key for a great Buisness.

Shravan kumaran

I am Shravan Kumaran.I am the Co-founder and the president of GoDimensions.I study in 11th grade in HUS,Chennai.I like to play Football and Cricket.I support Barcelona.I at GoDimensions want to change the way people think and communicate by our apps